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Takamine Acoustic Guitars

Click here to view our range of Takamine Acoustic Guitars

Bristol based Absolute Guitars are a proud authorised dealer for Takamine Acoustic Guitars.  We have a wide range of Takamine Acoustic guitars as well as many other acoustic guitar brands - all in stock within our stop at 10 Dark Lane, Backwell, Bristol.

About Takamine Acoustic Guitars

Nestled at the base of Takamine Mountain in Sakashita, Japan, Takamine Guitars have over 40 years of history dedicated to innovation and improvement to the art and craft of guitar making. What first began as a small family business has evolved into one of the leading guitar manufacturers In the world, depended upon by some of the best players and biggest names in the music industry.

Takamine has made technological advancements that have surpassed other guitar makers. Takamine prides itself in their dedication and loyalty to fine luthiership and it is shown through each Instrument the company makes.

Takamine G Series Guitar

The Takamine G Series Acoustics  offers more sizes, colours, woods than in any other family of models on offer. Made to their strict specifications, G Series instruments represent exceptionally good value.

Over a dozen distinct dreadnought guitar models are included in the G Series, many with solid spruce tops. There are cutaway and non-cutaway models, 12-strings, straight acoustics and acoustic/electrics, plus a wide choice of colours. There are also a selection of models with our smaller NEX and FXC body shapes, ideal instruments for vocal accompaniment. The G Series also includes several classic guitars that offer impressive performance at a very affordable price.

Click here to view our range of Takamine Acoustic Guitars

Takamine Acoustics