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TEL: 01275 464177

If you are travelling a long distance to visit us, please call
us to ensure your item is still available in our shop


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We are now open on Saturdays from 10.00 - 16.00
from  22nd November  2014
Welcome to Absolute Guitars Bristol
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Bristol Guitar Shop Absolute Guitars is a specialist guitar shop based in Backwell, North Somerset, just 6 miles from Bristol City Centre and close to Nailsea, Weston Super Mare and Clevedon with great motorway links from South Wales, South West and M5.  We stock a wide range of electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, classical and Spanish guitars, amplifiers, guitar strings, and accessories, Fender Guitar parts and spares, Songbooks and Tuition Books and Lick Library DVD's for all musical instruments.  Our range of guitars will suit all players from absolute beginners through to absolute pro's with exceptional service at a competitive price. 

Absolute Guitars Bristol are a Fender standard guitar dealer as well as an authorised dealer for Gretsch Guitars, ESP and LTD guitars, Jackson, Charvel and Squier guitars, Schecter guitars, Takamine Acoustic guitars including Takamine Pro Series, Ovation Acoustics, Martin Acoustics, Sigma Acoustics, Faith Acoustics,  Vintage and Crafter Acoustics as well as Fender and Blackstar Amplifiers and Effect Pedals including Electro Harnomix, Fender, Digitech, Way Huge, MXR, Carl Martin, BBE, Zoom and much more. 


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Absolute Guitars accept all major credit and debit cards,  via Sage Pay a secure payment gateway.  For direct credit or debit card payments, simply click on the checkout button within your shopping cart and follow the steps through the payment process.   All payments are via secure payment gateways and Absolute Guitars do not hold any confidential card details.


All items displayed on our website are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.  Unlike many other websites, we do not accept web orders on products we do not have in stock as we cannot guarantee dispatch times due to availability from the manufacturers.  Although we are happy to order any other products we ask that you contact us so that we can check availability before taking your order.

Within our Bristol Guitar shop we have a dedicated showroom for our bass and acoustic guitars and a room for our wide range of electric guitars. Our aim to is to provide our customers with a quality service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  We are now stock songbooks, tuition books including Rockschool Grade books and Lick Library DVD's.

We are also able to provide competitive online sales through our website.  Our shop is located in an area with free local parking, so why not pay our guitar shop a visit at 10 Dark Lane, Backwell, North Somerset and see for yourselves the extensive range of guitars and guitar accessories that we hold within our shop.

Latest News:

17/11/2014 - We have LEFT Handed Yamaha Acoustics in stock and Left Handed Squier Guitars in stock
17/11/2014 - Visit our shop today to see our range of squier Guitar starter packs and Squier Guitar Bass pack, the ideal  Christmas present for someone who wants to start playing, everything you need in one pack.
15/11/2014 - Tokai Guitars arrived with us and in stock.
17/11/2014 - Don't forget to pick up your sheet music, tuition books and song books including Rockschool Vocal books, Rockschool Guitar, Drums and Bass books.
07/11/2014 - Jim Root Telecaster in stock now!
07/11/2014 - Sigma Left Handed acoustic guitars now in stock
09/09/2014 - Fender Genuine Parts and Accessories available at Absolute Guitars Bristol Guitar Shop Backwell and Nailsea
09/09/2014 - Resock of Fender and Squier guitars now arrived and in stock
09/09/2014 - Classical Guitars Spanish Guitars now arrived and in stock  at Bristol Gutiars Shop Absolute Guitars Visit our shop for some great products and great advice.
08/09/2014 - New range of Classical Spanish Guitars now in stock including Santos Martinez and Admiria Spanish Guitars
02/09/2014 - ESP LTD Kirk Hammett White Zombie Guitar now comes complete with the Tombstone Case - Only one in stock of this limited run guitar
01/09/2014 - Squier Guitars in stock at Absolute Guitars
30/07/2014 - Summer Clearance offer 10% off all products when you spend 100.00 or more.
08/07/2014 - up to 20% discount on selected stock - in store only
08/07/2014 - 15% off all Fender Squier guitars and Mustang Amps - In store only visit our Bristol Guitar shop today!
01/02/2014 - Oscar Schmidt ukuleles now in stock at Absolute Guitars Bristol and South West Ukulele specialist
01/01/2014 - Tokai guitars now in stock Les Paul Tokai in stock now
10/10/2013 - Now stocking songbooks, music tuition books, lick library dvd's in our Backwell Shop including Rockschool Grade books 2012 - 2018 edition, music theory books and manuscript books.  Covering Backwell Nailsea Clevedon Weston Super Mare and Bristol, come and visit us to pick up your books and dvd's
10/10/2013 - Lee Oskar Harmonicas now in stock at Absolute Guitars
09/10/2013 - Kala ukuleles restocked and new items including all solid mahogany series and solid acacia series, in stock now
10/04/2013 - Ovation Acoustic guitars now re stocked and Sigma Acoustic Guitars restocked and available in our Bristol shop
10/04/2013 - Yamaha THR Amplifiers now in stock at Absolute Guitars Bristol stockists for Yamaha Acoustics and Yamaha Amplifiers
10/04/2013 - Yamaha Acoustics now in stock at our Bristol Guitar Shop including Yamaha APX Acoustic range , Yamaha CPX acoustics, Yamaha F Series Acoustics, Yamaha A Series and Yamaha L Series Acoustics.  Full range of Yamaha Acoustics  now in stock.
09/04/2013 - New Brunswick BU1S range of ukuleles - the ukulele that stays in tune
09/04/2013 - New TGI ukulele digital tuner now available 7.99
08/04/2013 - New Luna Peace Ukulele in stock
28/03/2013 - Absolute Guitars are now Bristol stockist of Yamaha Guitars, wide range of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars available from April 2013.
27/03/2013 - Sigma acoustic guitars now restocked.  Call in to our Bristol shop to see wide range or Sigma Acoustic guitars
01/02/2013 - Crafter acoustic guitars now in stock within our Bristol guitar shop Absolute Guitars.  New acoustic showroom displaying Crafter Acoustics
01/02/2013 - Sigma Acoustics now available at Absolute Guitars Bristol guitar shop - come and visit our new showroom today for acoustic guitars
01/02/2013 - Absolute Guitars opens new Acoustic Room displaying a wide range of Martin Acoustics, Faith Acoustics, Crafter Acoustics, Sigma Acoustics, Takamine Acoustics, Ovation Acoustics, Breedlove Acoustics, Vintage Acoustics, Washburn Acoustics all on display within our new Acoustic Center.
01/02/2013 - Faith Acoustic Guitars now available at Absolute Guitars - new Bristol stockist for Faith Acoustic Guitars
01/02/2013 - Absolute Guitars, now stockists for Martin Acoustic Guitars in Bristol
08/12/2012 - Vintage acoustic guitars now in stock at Absolute guitars Bristol
06/12/2012 - Absolute Guitars Bristol Guitar shop  now add Vintage Acoustic Guitars to their extensive range of Acoustic Brands
05/12/2012 - Washburn Acoustic guitars now in stock at Brsitol Guitar Shop Absolute Guitars. 
01/12/2012 - Absolute Guitars Bristol now stockist of Washburn Acoustic guitars.
23/11/2012 - Fender Educational series acoustics and Fender Acoustic starter packs now back in stock at our Bristol Guitar Shop
17/11/2012 - Free Gift offer when you spend 200.00 or more this Christmas. Terms and Conditions apply
16/11/2012 - Gretsch ukuleles and Gretsch Acoustic Guitars now in stock at Absolute Guitars Bristol
05/11/2012 - Ukulele shop Bristol - Bristol stockist of Martin Ukuleles Martin S1 Uke Soprano Ukulele now in stock
16/10/2012 - Ukuleles in Bristol - Absolute Guitars Bristol stockist of Ukuleles including Lanikai ukuleles , Kala Ukuleles, in our Bristol  guitar shop
03/10/2012 - Fender FSR stock available within our Bristol Guitar Shop, Fender limited run stratocaster and telecaster available at our store
05/12/2011 - Free Gift worth up to 30.00 when you spend 200 or more.
24/11/2011 - BC Rich Guitars now in stock at our  Guitar shop  Bristol
24/11/2011 - Charvel Wild Card 8 Chrome Rod Flame just arrived at Absolute Guitars Bristol, guitar shop very limited UK stock
01/11/2011 - Dean Guitars now in stock at Bristol Guitar Shop Absolute Guitars including Dean Custom 350F in our Bristol shop
30/10/2011 - Breedlove Acoustic Guitars just arrived at our Absolute Guitars Bristol Guitar Shop
07/10/2011 - Absolute Guitars take on dealership within Bristol for  Simon & Patrick Acoustic Guitars now in stock
25/09/2011 - Bristol Guitar Shop Absolute Guitar introduce the New Demolition Series Charvels now in stock in our shop
25/09/2011 - Absolute Guitars Attend Bristol Guitar Show for second year running
15/03/2011 - New Musician Services page added to our website to serve local musicians
14/03/2011- Absolute Guitars expand their shop to display growing stock
17/12/2010 - First Shipment of Tokai guitars now in stock at Absolute Guitars - Bristol Guitar Shop
18/10/2010 - Jackson Custom Shop Guitars from Absolute Guitars - Limited stock now available
17/10/2010 - Music Man Guitars - Sterling by Music Man Guitars and Bass Guitars now in stock at Absolute Guitars
04/10/2010 - Absolute Guitars taken on dealiership of Tokai Guitars  Bristol - stock expected soon
04/10/2010 - Charvel Guitars now in stock - Absolute Guitars take on Charvel Dealership with USA and new Japanese models now in stock
14/07/2010 - Absolute Guitars sign up to Bristol Guitar Show at Ashton Gate September 19th
12/07/2010 - Carl Martin effects pedals now in stock in our Bristol shop
01/06/2010 - Way Huge effect pedals now added to our range of guitar accessories in stock now 
12/03/2010 - Absolute Guitars now dealers for G&L Bass Guitars now in stock
04/02/2010 - Absolute Guitars take on full Gretsch dealership watch out for new stock
04/02/2010 - T-Rex guitar effects pedals now in stock in our shop and online
07/12/2009 - Blackstar HT5 presented to Max Campbell, winner of our Real Guitar Hero competition - click here
07/12/2009 - New Korean Spectors arrived and now in stock
05/12/2009 - Flea basses now available at Absolute Guitars
20/10/2009 - Winner announced for our Real Guitar Hero competition - Click here for results
02/10/2009 - Schecter guitars now in stock - Absolute Guitars Bristol stockists for Schecter Research guitars
30/07/2009 - Absolute Guitars sponsors Bristol Music Festival - check out our stand and competition more details to follow.
17/07/2009 - Fender offer - Free amp when you purchase an American Fender Standard guitar available at Absolute Guitars
02/07/2009 - Long awaited Blackstar Series One now available and in our shop now
20/06/2009 - Absolute Guitars now stockists of Gretsch guitars including Gretsch electromatics, Gretsch hollow bodies and Gretsch Projet just arrived and now in stock
15/06/2009 - MXR effect pedals now in stock
20/05/2009 - Electro Harmonix guitar and bass effect pedals now in stock
20/05/2009 - Blackstar HT-5 mini stack now in stock
18/05/2009 - Absolute Guitars sign up to be Bristol's main dealer for Spector Bass guitars - all our Spector basses are currently in stock within our shop
12/05/2009 - New arrivals - Fender Strats including Fender Artist Series Eric Clapton Fender Stratocaster and Fender American Vintage 57 and 62 Stratocasters - all available and in stock now
01/05/2009 -
Absolute Guitars are proud to have taken on a dealership with Blackstar amplification and will be stocking the full range of Blackstar amplifiers and Blackstar effect pedals -  including the new Series One valve amps when they are released.
02/05/2009 - Randall Amps now  added to our range of amps, now available in our shop.
05/04/2009 - Absolute Guitars have expanded their range of guitars to include Hamer Guitars, Tanglewood Acoustic Guitars and Ovation Acoustic Guitars

Absolute Guitars  - Bristol Guitar Shop is a guitar shop close to Bristol city Centre on the Bristol to Weston Super Mare road  that offer a complete range of  Fender electric, bass guitars and acoustic guitars, ESP/ LTD  bass and electric guitars, Spector bass guitars, Gretsch guitars, Jackson and Squier guitars Takamine Acoustic guitars, Washburn Acoustic Guitars, Vintage Guitars, Ovation Acoustic Guitars, Martin acoustic Guitars, Yamaha acoustics, Hamer Electric Guitars  as well as amplifiers and effects from Line6, Randall, Blackstar, Electro Harmonix and Ashdown.  We also stock a wide range of  guitar spares and accessories including guitar strings, straps, tuners and recently added Ukuleles now in stock including Martin Ukuleles, Kala Ukuleles and Lanikai Ukuleles.  You are welcome to come and visit us at our shop at 10 Dark Lane, Backwell, North Somerset   If you have any questions relating to any of our products featured on our website then please email us at sales@absolute-guitars.co.uk  
or call us on 01275 464177.


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